Bournemouth Karate Club (Wado Ryu)

This isn't my story but I will retell one I heard from a fellow instructor. They visited a club outside of our organisation just to do more physical training to fill their week out. There was an instructor filling in at that club, and he had that strange habit of doing loud nasal blowing on every technique.

Mentally conditioning yourself to have to inhale and exhale on every technique can only slow you down. You can only breath in and out at a certain rate, but the technique you are doing could be much quicker and you could do multiple techniques within one breath. Having that ingrained means you will go slower than you could, or you hyper-ventilate if you go faster. What is all that about?

Even the rate of airflow out of the nose rather than the mouth is less, so you could breathe quicker out the mouth anyway. Just look at the size of the tubing. The throaty breathing noise that some people do actually restricts the airflow, because the noise is borne out of contracting the windpipe.

All of this is nonsense to augment a sense of power and machismo.

You won’t be surprised to hear that the instructor making all that nasal noise had a nose bleed at the end of the lesson, and said it happens regularly but he doesn't know why.

Try this as an exercise, with one junzuki technique, execute another punch midday, all on one outgoing breath.