Bournemouth Karate Club (Wado Ryu)

I thought I would use a provocative title as click-bait to grab your attention.

It has been said that this one technique shows the grading panel enough insight into your technique as to pretty much make a judgement, or at least it is very telling on how Wado is your Wado currently.

This technique is practised a fraction of times in a lesson compared to every Kihon, and could well even be done once depending on how the class goes but it is my favourite technique.

It is a precursor to both Junzuki and Tobikomizuki. It embodies Wado’s concept of eking out the most efficient outcome. It embodies the following set of principles.

Mudana Chikara - No unnecessary strength and power.

Mudana Dosa - No unnecessary movement.

Mudana Waza - No unnecessary technique.

Don’t underestimate the value of this single technique. You learn: how to move from the very neutral and static position of Shizentai; not to telegraph the technique or at least minimise its visibility; dropping your weight and timing.

Top secret karate technique