Bournemouth Karate Club (Wado Ryu)

Running through Pinan Shodan kata this time.

The biggest test of your stance is across the first three set of arm movements. We are all human and of different levels of flexibility but we should at least see if our knees are moving or if our feet are not quite in the correct position, so we have a fighting chance of improving. Too often people are only concerned about the arm movements, if we work on both, our flexibility and range of possible movement will improve.

On the second movement, try to make the right hand travel high and straight. It doesn't not come in from the side. It is a full and not stunted motion also.

For the third movement, the "tetsui" strike is to the temple area.

Within this sequence, do not let the shoulders tighten up or else they will stay high for the whole section. Even though the "tetsui" is going up, the shoulders and weight should feel as they are going down.