Bournemouth Karate Club (Wado Ryu)

Within Wado I have made many friends and had contact with many others.

I have placed links here, in no particular order, to those people and organisations I have met along the path of karate, regardless of affiliation and styles.

Wado Academy - the official web site of Shiomitsu Sensei's association

Wado Ryu Renmei (Japan) (Hironori Ohtsuka II official site)

Official Wado Academy Members Forum - web site for news relating to the Wado Academy and friends


Chelmsford Wado Ryu - there are some excellent articles here on Tim Shaw's club website

Surrey Karate clubs - Haslemere, Farnham and Aldershot

San no ya - The Kear brothers and their clubs in Australia. Also includes excellent articles.

Wado Karate Federation - George Grimes' association

Shikukai - Sugasawa Sensei's organisation

Kenshu Kai - Iwasaki Sensei's organisation

Devon Wado Ryu (Peter Hill's clubs - Barnstaple area)

Farnborough Wado Ryu (Fudoshin)

American Wado Ryu Academy (Tyrone Pardue's karate association)

Wado Ryu Portugal - Jorge Rosa's association

Dai Ichi Dojo Budapest - Robert Torontali's club in Budapest

Japan Arts Centre - Bob Flower's dojo in Bristol

Wado Ryu Scotland - Wado Ryu in Scotland

Wado Karate Union - Tony Heap's organisation



Other interesting links

Karate Museum - rare old books now downloadable as PDF documents