Bournemouth Karate Club (Wado Ryu)

Beginners, from 13 years of age and above, are always welcome to join.

All you need to start is a t-shirt and some loose jogging/tracksuit bottoms. Your first lesson is free, alternatively you may watch a class and gauge if it is something you would like to persue.

From the outset a lot of time is spent on very basic movement and correction of arms, legs and hip positions. In fact, this continues throughout a lifetime of training.

The club is very small in number and the training is conducted in a manner that suits everyone.

The study of Wado Ryu karate is not a quick-win situation.

Should you wish to continue training you will be required to obtain a licence/insurance from the Wado Academy. You can also buy a white karate suit (known in Japanese as a 'gi') via the club.

The club does not have a rigid policy of holding regular gradings every 3 months. When they are held depends solely on the progress of the students as individuals.