Bournemouth Karate Club (Wado Ryu)

Just before the Wado Academy Winter Course I annoyingly, very annoyingly, sustained another ankle injury and had to miss out on the week's training in Guildford. I also had the same kind of injury in the other foot at the back end of last year and might have to look into things.

I did manage to make it down to Guildford for some beers and the camaraderie of others. That's still important.

On the Sunday, even though I had the foot injury I took a chair and sat in the dojo to watch the second lesson. Arthur Meek sensei was taking the brown belts and below down the bottom end, which gave me a close up view of their training.

Pinan Godan kata

Pinan Sandan kata

Pinan Yondan kata

Running through Pinan Shodan kata this time.